1.  Unseen Green - A song about a trip I took with my dad back to Scotland and England where we used to live and my hope to one day see Ireland.

2.  Brian and Jennifer - A song named after a couple I met named Brian & Jennifer...except Brian's name is really Jason. 

3.  Life List - I'm a birdwatcher, and like most birdwatchers, I keep a list of the birds I've seen.  I started to think about chasing birds, and chasing goals in life, and named the song after the things we chase.

4.  As We Grow -  This is mix of two songs, one that I wrote for my daughter Chloe, and one that I wrote for a friend's daughter, Skylar.  It's about watching children reach their milestones.

5.  Reaching - I wrote this as I was struggling through this album starting to doubt I could do it.  It's about reaching inside to exceed the limits you think you have.

6.  Nevermore -  This song is about loss.  I lost two friends (they didn't know each other) when they were young, Binu and Vijay.  Great guys who passed before their time.

7.  San Elijo Lagoon - This song is about a lagoon near where I live.  It's one of my favorite places to birdwatch and to go to clear my mind.  I find peace there and all of the excitement and beauty that nature has to offer.


8.  11/11/2011 - This was probably the strangest day of my life.  In 1994, I made a pact with a bunch of friends from high school that we would meet on Bald Hill near where I grew up on this date at 11:11 am to catch up and see where our lives had taken us.  We all reconnected in 2011 over Facebook, but I couldn't go to the reunion.  On that day my mom passed away. We had a complicated relationship, and I thought about experiences I'd had growing up with my friends and my mom.  The amazing thing is, after my friends met up, they went to a restaurant.  Coincidentally, my dad and stepmom showed up at the restaurant at the same time, and you can see them in the background of a picture taken of my friends.  

9.  You're Always Beautiful - Last year, I wrote a Valentines Day card for my wife about how she always asks me how she looks when she tries on an outfit.  I always tell her she looks beautiful.  The card I wrote explained that I say it because good hair day or bad hair day, nice outfit or not so nice, she's always beautiful to me.  As I wrote the card, this song came to me.  There wasn't much of a composition process.  It's the only time I've heard something almost completely in my head and just had to figure out how to play it.